If you are a new business or if your business is only just starting to approach social media in terms of marketing then this guide is for you. One of the main problems that businesses come up against when using social media is creating truly effective social media content. This is the key to a successful social media campaign. There are also many typical questions, such as how often should we post on social media as a business? How many platforms should we use? This guide intends to breakdown four tips that can help any business on the right social media track in a short space of time.


Commitment and Consistency

The best thing you can do for your business is commit fully to social media. This is not a passing fad. There are billions of social media users across the globe, most of whom are checking their feeds at least once a day. You can set up a business profile on social media for free and have 24/7/365 access to an active and attentive marketplace. It’s far too good an opportunity to turn away from however it is essential that you dedicate time to your social media account and post consistently. It’s the only way to build a following and it ensures that your business is well represented online. Nothing screams unprofessional or going out of business than an “official” business social media profile that lies dormant for weeks at a time and never replies to messages.

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Stay true to you and your brand while posting on social media. If you take a second to consider why you follow who you do on social, it is probably because they offer something special that you are interested in such as relevant content or enjoyable videos. Always aim to be yourself and let your followers see your personality in your posts.


Listen to Your Customers

Although social media is an effective channel for marketing, try to think of it as a platform for engaging and communicating with your customers, instead of an opportunity to promote. The essence of social media is that it is an open ended platform where everyone has equal opportunity to speak. Research your customers, monitor their activity and take note of what they like and dislike. This will help you shape your content to suit your target market and increase your following and forge long lasting relationships with them.

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Choose Specific Networks

There is no point in creating a business account on every social media channel just for the sake of it. Different demographics use certain social media platforms more than others. Different groups of people use different channels in different ways as well. It is imperative you conduct thorough research of your target audience so you know which channels will be the best for you to communicate with them. Plus when you are starting out it will be much easier to focus your attention and efforts on one channel than four. Choose the best channel for your audience, master it then you can take on another channel.

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