Facebook Gets a Rebrand

This week Facebook has announced it’s rebrand for the company of Facebook.  At a time when the company owns many different platforms, they say the rebrand is an effort to distinguish the Facebook App from the Company itself. Privacy Driven Facelift Although it is not being broadcasted extensively, the rebrand Read more…

Jobs In Gaming | What Is Your Dream Job?

Throughout your life, you will have had a different dream job every few years. From jobs in gaming to jobs in the emergency services, there are so many jobs that everyone from little kids to adults will always dream of having a career in. Read on to find out more about some of the main dream jobs and whether they are actually viable.


Advice For Small Businesses | How To Write A Good Business Blog

One of the best ways to communicate your business’ brand and earn trust and respect from your clients and customers, is through writing a regular blog on your website. It can be anything from a weekly update on what your business has been up to, personal events within the business dependent on nature, or even just advice on how others can do what you are doing. For example, an SEO company may write a blog article on how to develop a better SEO strategy, or a Bakery may post a blog article of their recipe of the week, and so on. This short piece will give some of the top tips for writing a quality blog post.


Mobile Scissor Lift Tables | Essential Equipment for Industrial Work Environments

Industrial work environments can be a lot of heavy lifting, mobile scissor lift tables and hard labour. In order to get through the working day, you need to have the correct equipment and follow the rules that are in place in order to keep your lives safe and stress-free. So whether you are operating electric or manual scissor lift tables, give this article a read.


Technology in Schools: The Ways It Has Changed Learning

Technology has changed every single part of our lives and technology in schools has not been exempt from this change. Look back only ten years ago and the thought of a 13-year-old high school student having an all-can-do smartphone was unthinkable. Now people will have the latest iPhones and Samsung’s as they start their first year. But technology hasn’t just shaped the social side of school, it’s also influenced how they learn. Here are some of the ways technology has changed schools: