Throughout your life, you will have had a different dream job every few years. From jobs in gaming to jobs in the emergency services, there are so many jobs that everyone from little kids to adults will always dream of having a career in. Read on to find out more about some of the main dream jobs and whether they are actually viable.

Jobs In Fashion

We have all watched The Devil Wears Prada and dreamed of having an Anne Hathaway-esque transformation, or as a kid watching 13 Going On 30 and dreamed of waking up the next day as a high flyer with a cute boyfriend. In reality, jobs in the fashion industry are a bit harder to come by. Models must have a strict regime and you need to have an excellent presence both online and in person in order to be noticed by big fashion brands. Ways to get into the field may be to study arts or textiles, have an incredible social media presence and apply to as many internships as possible.

Jobs In Gaming

Jobs In Emergency Service

Whether it was a nurse or a fireman, everyone has had a point (even if it was when you were 5), when they wanted to be some sort of emergency services worker. This area of hard-working people is more accessible than some other fields, given you have had your university degree (for Nurse/Doctor) or have completed the necessary training and checks (for a policeman for example). However, you must be aware of the gruelling nature of the job. Intensely rewarding but also very hard work.

Jobs In Space

Who didn’t want to be an astronaut when they were younger? The attraction of the moon and other strange planets have been a seduction since we began sending people into space, however, this is probably the least accessible of our little list. In order to even apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree in math or science-based field and then either 3 years of professional experience obtained post-completing this degree or one thousand hours of pilot-in-charge time spent on a jet aircraft.

Jobs In Gaming

Jobs In Gaming

Jobs in gaming are probably actually the easiest to come by. Many people become online sensations solely by posting their videos of them gaming onto Youtube and monetizing the posts, whereas others apply via sites like Betting Jobs, a headhunting and recruitment solutions provider who match people in the online gambling and gaming world with potential employees or employers. If this is your dream job field, you need to take advantage of how easy it is in comparison to some other dream jobs!

Hopefully, we have managed to keep dream-killing to a minimum, and that you are still going to pursue the job of your dreams in the future.