This week Facebook has announced it’s rebrand for the company of Facebook.  At a time when the company owns many different platforms, they say the rebrand is an effort to distinguish the Facebook App from the Company itself.

Privacy Driven Facelift

Although it is not being broadcasted extensively, the rebrand also comes as a result of criticism over the platforms privacy policy and security features.  Ever since 2016, it seems that Facebook has been suffering due to their own success.  The fact that they have access to millions of people’s data makes them a huge target for hackers and information abusers.

Facebook Scandal of 2016

From 2014 to 2016 during the US presidential elections, a data analytics firm called Cambridge Analytica was quietly harvesting millions of Facebook users’ information without their permission.  Cambridge Analytica coincidentally worked with Trump’s election team and the winning Brexit campaign, which is a red flag already.  It gets even better when it was revealed that the owner Robert Mercer has ties to Donald Trump himself.

Facebook In Trouble

It would be fair enough to negate Facebook of any blame in this matter, since it was a separate company altogether carrying out the work.  Except Facebook found out that a large scale data breach had happened in 2015 and they had chosen not to alert any of its users.  On top of this, they only took the necessary measures to recover and secure some 50 million users’ data. 

Transparency and Privacy

The new branding efforts aim to let Facebook’s commitment to openness and transparency shine through.  It is hoping that the clear and distinct lettering of the bold all-caps lettered font will give a clear cut image of trust and authority that extends beyond its platform and apps into all areas of its business.  The website has also been given a makeover with a clear white background and bold lettering to let it’s transparency shine through.