One of the best ways to communicate your business’ brand and earn trust and respect from your clients and customers, is through writing a regular blog on your website. It can be anything from a weekly update on what your business has been up to, personal events within the business dependent on nature, or even just advice on how others can do what you are doing. For example, an SEO company may write a blog article on how to develop a better SEO strategy, or a Bakery may post a blog article of their recipe of the week, and so on. This short piece will give some of the top tips for writing a quality blog post.

Quality of Writing

One of the key elements in making a blog post quality and worthwhile reading for your customers is to improve your writing style. Write honestly and say what comes into your head, but make sure it is relevant and purposeful. Use an extension like Grammarly to help you keep on track of the small mistakes. Keep sentences short and don’t ramble.


Post on Blog Regularly and Consistently

Another good idea is to post regularly and consistently, with the hope that customers will begin looking forward to your next post as they would a new episode of their favourite TV programme. Choose a time and day when you have enough time to spare to write as well as post the blog. If it is easier for you, you could even write the blog post throughout the week and then post it at a separate but consistent time, e.g. every Friday at 4pm. This will show that you are hardworking and committed to tasks, as well as letting clients get to know you better every week.

Respond To Readers Feedback

Let readers comment on your post. It will allow them to critique what you have said, give thanks or agree in some way. This can give you essential feedback on how to move forward with your posts in the future to make it more and more relevant and engaging for the audience you are trying to target.


If you even just do these three things, you will be well on your way to having a successful and helpful blog to run alongside your other marketing ventures.