Acne can be painful, annoying and leave people feeling unconfident. There are many different types of acne treatments available and different things will work for different people. This article will give suggestions of different acne treatment in Glasgow.


It’s no secret that moisturising is incredibly good for your skin and you should be doing it every day. If you have acne though you need to keep in mind the type of moisturises you put on your skin. Moisturisers that are oil-free or non-comedogenic are the best type for oily skin. You should be looking to avoid products that contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Moisturising should be incorporated into your routine and should be done once or twice a day.

Don’t Squeeze the Spots

Squeezing and picking spots is a big no-no. This can lead to deeper trauma to the skin and can make pigment and scarring a lot worse. It is also possible to transfer dirt from the spot to other areas of the face, which can make acne worse.

Blackhead Masks

Blackhead masks are great for removing dead skin cells, this can lessen acne, but if the acne is deeper or medical it may not do an awful lot.

Chemical Peel

Glycolic or salicylic acid chemical peels are the best to help treat acne. Chemical peels can give the skin a far deeper cleanse than most of the similar options out there. There are skin clinics that can provide chemical peels and other acne treatment in Glasgow.

Don’t Over-Exfoliate

Over-exfoliating or exfoliating too hard are both bad for any type of skin, but especially acne prone skin. Over-exfoliating can strip the skin of its natural oils, which are good in moderation but can leave skin sensitive.

Buy Non-Comedogenic Makeup

The type of makeup you use is also important when it comes to acne. You want to avoid wearing heavy foundations and instead opt for one that allows your skin to breathe. Look for makeup products that are non-comedogenic. These may not make your acne better, but they can help reduce breakouts and certainly won’t make it worse.


If you’ve already tried countless oil-free moisturisers and they still make your skin too oily, serum can be a great option. Serum can be a lot lighter than moisturisers.

Hormonal Treatment

If you are a woman, and have acne late into your adult years, along with irregular periods and excessive hair then this may be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome. A hormone test or ultrasound of the ovaries can identify if there’s an issue. Acne treatment for PCOS is aimed more towards the hormonal side compared to the usual antibiotic treatment.

Visit a Doctor or Dermatologist

If you’ve tried everything there is to try and are still having no luck, it may be time to visit the doctor. Some acne can be extremely difficult to treat and you may need antibiotics in order to help it clear. This could be anything from a cream or gel to tablets, depending on the severity and depending on what works. There are also some prescription products that aren’t available over the counter to combat it. If you are in need of acne treatment in Glasgow, you have a lot of options.