With a newly restored asphalt surface, a roadway looks smoother and is safer for drivers to use. There are many key steps in the asphalt resurfacing procedure. The asphalt must be prepared for installation by placing the aggregate on the bed of the truck bed with a tool that causes the aggregates to form into large flakes. This makes it easier to apply the asphalt when it is time for the hot mix. Asphalt contractors can take care of the preparation and transport of this materials to suitable location of your choice.

Surfacing Processes

  • PATING. Once the aggregates have been placed, the next step in resurfacing an asphalt surface is to prepare the asphalt. This involves sharpening, paving, sweeping, and bagging. This is done to make sure that all loose dirt and rocks are removed and to create a smooth surface for the rest of the project.
  • REPLACE. After the sanding and preparation are complete, the contractors will replace the asphalt surface with one of several options. Most asphalt contractors will resurface around the edges of the driveway or along the centreline of the driveways. Some asphalt replacement companies may even replace the entire driveway with a one-piece process. Other contractors may resurface only the centre section of the driveways, or may perform both edge and centreline replacement jobs.

Surfacing Other Areas

Parking lot owners may choose to resurface only their paved areas, or they may need to do both sides of the lot. Some parking lots have a raised central area for parking, and a gravelled patio area. In these instances, the asphalt contractor may perform both edge and centreline repairs to match the new pavement and prevent uneven wear. Sometimes, parking lot owners choose to pave only the left side of their lot, and to install a left turn lane as well. In cases such as these, the contractor will usually just resurface the left side of the asphalt, or will use a combination of edge and centreline repairs allowing for much more robust and comprehensive repairs to take place.

  • EDGE. This refers to repair work that involves making shallow depressions on an asphalt surface to provide access to vehicle garages or other out buildings. In many cases, these repairs are performed before parking lots are built, to make sure the driveways are wide enough to accommodate vehicles. In addition, drivers can be directed to enter and exit the garage through this access way.

Preparing The Best Surfaces

Whether the driveway is resurfaced, repaired, or replaced, there are many benefits to doing so. First, it ensures that the asphalt surface is safe and free of chips, cracks, and other types of damage. Second, it allows drivers to easily enter and exit the garage. Finally, if the asphalt driveway is completely replaced, it also provides the opportunity to totally refresh the look of the property, as well as increase its value. Asphalt contractors have the skills and expertise to help ensure that any surface you need resurfaced or improved can be completed effectively and with the right processes in place.