A logo is one of the most important elements of the branding process. Company logos UK are an essential part of branding and can make your brand more recognisable. Here are some reasons why your company may need a new logo, even if you already have one.

Your Logo Design Hasn’t Progressed with the Business

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing. But there is an extremely fine line between consistency and monotony. If your business has been around for a while, then updating your logo is never a bad idea. Progression is key when it comes to business and chances are your business isn’t at the same point now as when it started.

Companies are altering their logos to look sleeker, more professional and more mature as the company grows and ages. So getting a new logo doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch, your old logo design can be upheld and upgraded within the new design.

You Only Have a JPEG Version of Your Logo

Many businesses start with their logo as a JPEG file. Whilst this is okay at the start, there are many better options when it comes to saving and storing a good-quality logo file. Not only that, but the logo may get accidently moved, replaced or misplaced. This is why you should have copies of your company logo in the following formats;

  • BusinessLogo.ai
  • BusinessLogo.png
  • BusinessLogo.gif
  • BusinessLogo.jpg
  • BusinessLogo.pdf
  • BusinessLogo.eps

Always ensure that you have a working copy of your business logo so if you want to make any changes or alterations you can.


You Need to Stand Out from Competitors Company Logos UK

At the time, your logo design may have stood out for competitors but as time goes on. You may have noticed that competitors have been using elements of your logo in their own design. This can be frustrating as you may feel as though to takes away from your brand’s uniqueness and consumers may be getting confused with your brand and competitors.

Apple, staying true to their name. Used an apple for their main logo and whilst the design has changed throughout the years, the concept has stayed the same. This stands out from competitors as none of them have a design like this.

Your Logo is Not Versatile

Ideally, your company logo should be able to be functional in many different ways but still be recognisable. There are many company logos UK that can be altered in order to fit specific purposes but all in all are still the same.

As you can see, many big brands have different variations of their logo. Each recognisable to their company but can be used for a slightly different function.

Your Logo is Too Complicated

If your company logo is too busy or intricate it may have the wow-factor at first, but in the long run it is not practical. The more details on your logo, the more you will struggle to have it appear correctly on print materials such as posters and flyers. Not only that but when it gets downsized the detail may be lost and your logo, unrecognisable. You want to ensure that your logo can still be made out, no matter how small or large.

This logo, for example, it looks good when it is close up enlarged. But if it was to be made smaller it would be hard to read and may not draw people in.