Golf is an enjoyable sport to start for beginners that requires both golf skill and practice to master, making it a fantastic way to both get in shape and relax.

Golf in Germany has achieved immense popularity thanks to the likes of Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer as professional champions, while it also hosts prominent European Tour tournaments.


Golf is a game of skill, strategy and endurance requiring extensive practice before becoming proficient at it. Germany boasts a rich golf heritage and some of the finest courses worldwide; with temperate climate and stunning landscape making for ideal conditions to enjoy this classic pastime; public courses provide unique experiences suitable for players of all skill levels and public courses offer unique experiences tailored to every player experience level.

Golf in Germany has long been seen as an institution, producing some of the world’s finest players such as Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer – while also serving as a popular pastime among amateur players looking to improve their skills. Germany boasts many golf courses with dedicated governing bodies as well as successful golfers that promote an inclusive yet competitive golf culture that welcomes beginners alike.

If you want to play golf in Germany, it’s essential that you understand its rules. First and foremost, all German golfers must obtain a “Platzreife”, an exclusive license designed to safeguard the integrity of golf. In order to obtain one, one must pay for and pass several tests as part of a training course lasting several days; an obstacle that has prevented many potential golfers from starting up the game altogether.

Germany boasts some of the premier golf courses, designed for all skill levels. Many are part of larger German golf club memberships offering various amenities; for instance, some feature clubhouses with food and beverages service as well as extensive collections of merchandise specific to golf.

When exploring Germany’s top golf courses, it’s best to choose those close to where you live. If you live in the northeast region, many are situated around Berlin-Wannsee district which features an island (Wannsee Insel) as well as waterfront neighborhoods like Am Sandwerder, Kohlhasenbruck, Albrechts Teerofen and Steinstucken.

Hamburger Golf Club

Golf is a highly challenging sport that tests players in numerous ways. It tests competitive instincts, requires adapting to an unfamiliar natural environment and encourages inner strengths; all while offering quality time with friends in nature. Due to these reasons, it has become one of the world’s most beloved sports; in Germany specifically it boasts numerous quality courses as well as its own dedicated governing body; plus hosts many world-class players!

Germany may not boast the same international golfing fame, but its golf courses still boast plenty of appeal for visiting golfers. There are over 750 courses spanning everything from links-style courses to woodland, parkland, and heathland layouts – giving visitors plenty of variety and options!

The Hamburger Golf Club in Lower Saxony is an exquisite heathland course known for its fast and undulating greens, classic bunkering, and strategic depth. This course has hosted multiple German Open tournaments over its history and remains highly regarded by golfers in Germany and elsewhere.

Since 1906, the Hamburger Golf Club has been an iconic symbol of Lower Saxony’s countryside. Boasting an elegant heathland course that provides both challenging play and stunning views of nearby forests, this club stands as one of the country’s oldest and most esteemed.

Harry Colt designed this charming heathland course in 1928; today, it remains one of the finest courses in continental Europe. Although shorter by today’s standards, its original charm stands strong seventy years later despite technological changes to golf equipment.

Budersand Golf Course on Sylt is a superb resort course located at its southern tip. Created by Rolf Hansen from dunes on an old military site, Budersand’s links-style layout provides an engaging challenge to low handicappers while providing superb routing with varied holes–including one par three hole.

Fohr Island

Golf is a sport that appeals to every competitive spirit in every player and takes considerable practice to master, while pitting you against a natural environment which is likely foreign to your experience. Regular rounds can help players focus their minds while improving mental health and increasing social interactions among friends; all these internal contests add up to part of its appeal across the world; Germany boasts some outstanding golf courses featuring some acclaimed professional golfers like Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer as part of its history of producing such talent.

One such course is Budersand, situated off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein and North Frisian Wadden Sea National Park. Converted from an old military site, this course consistently makes the European Top 50 and looks and plays like it has existed for decades due to its smooth routing through pure linksland terrain.

Other noteworthy courses found in Germany include the Hamburger Golf Club in Lower Saxony, an outstanding heathland course which has hosted the German Open with fast greens. Winston Golf Facility outside Berlin is another notable development regarded as one of the finest courses worldwide.

Nordsee Golf Resort in northern Finland is an impressive golfing destination, featuring a great course designed by Kyle Phillips as well as a luxurious hotel set within beautiful grounds. Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg in southern Germany provide another must-see golfing region, boasting an array of courses set against stunning mountain peaks. Golf in Germany’s mountains adds another element to its appeal and provides an appealing alternative to its flatland landscape of northern Germany. Germany offers some of the finest golf courses to please any serious golfer, from sea breeze-kissed fairways to breathtaking mountain vistas – guaranteeing a pleasant golfing vacation experience for every visitor. And its outstanding accommodations selection makes Germany a convenient place for planning such trips!

Gut Laerchenhof

Golfers in Germany can enjoy a range of courses that present both challenges and rewards, from championship courses to more casual options. Thanks to its many golf clubs, dedicated governing body, and successful professional golfers, Germany has established itself as one of Europe’s premier golf destinations. And with plenty of public golf courses to choose from – you are sure to find a course suitable for your level of play!

Gut Laerchenhof Golf Club in Pulheim, just southwest of Cologne is an 18-hole championship course designed by Jack Nicklaus that boasts USGA-spec greens, long fairways over rolling hills and dense forests, punishing primary rough and impeccable maintenance standards – it serves as host for the Mercedes Championship on the European Tour annually!

Country climate provides the ideal setting for golf throughout the year. The temperate maritime climate ensures seasons don’t differ drastically and that there is plenty of sunshine; furthermore many towns and cities boast stunning, scenic settings perfect for playing a round.

Germany has produced numerous world-class professional golfers, such as Martin Kaymer – winner of the 2020 Women’s British Open – and Bernhard Langer, an eminence grise of Champions Tour. These successes have raised awareness of golf throughout Germany while inspiring a new generation to take up playing.

Germany boasts more than 750 golf courses to satisfy every type of player, ranging from expertly-designed links courses like Winston Links near Schwerin to impressive parkland and heathland courses – there’s something here for every golfer to discover in Germany’s golfing paradise. Plus, stunning mountain vistas add another dimension of charm when playing golf there!

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