If you are the type of business who invests time and money into a temporary warehouse when your busy seasons come around, then there is always the issue of finding the extra temporary staff to cover the added work. In the event labour hire is needed for the building, you need to have a plan ready to be put into action as to how you will source the extra bodies. At West Rhine GC, we have put together a short guide on how you can go about staffing your temporary warehouse in the event labour hire is on the cards.

Why Build a Temporary Warehouse

First of all, it’s worth looking into why many businesses do choose to opt for a temporary warehouse in the busy or festive season. Warehouse space is limited when it comes to the busier seasons of the year, such as in the lead up to Christmas. This means that for many retailers, more space is needed but only for very short time periods. Here are some of the top reasons why a business may choose to invest in a temporary warehouse:

  1. Extra space: The first reason is simple, businesses need more stock room and their current warehouse doesn’t quite come up to scratch. A temporary building allows the business to house the extra stock until the sales have balanced out to a more manageable point.
  2. One-off projects: Often, businesses may need a temporary building for an off-site project or one which is for a limited time period. This could be for seasonal work or perhaps for a client project. Either way, it is better to use a temporary warehouse than invest in a building you will only use for a short while.
  3. Growth: If businesses want to grow, but do not have the funds for the overhead of another permanent warehouse, a temporary warehouse will allow them to boost stock, staff and also income until they are in a position to invest in a permanent building.

Temporary warehouses can be used to house vehicles and staff, in the event labour hire is needed.

What to do in the Event Labour Hire is Needed

In the event labour hire is needed for your temporary storage building, you have a few options which you can look into. As with any recruitment process, you will need to advertise and go through a selection process. However, due to the perhaps temporary nature of the jobs you are offering, we recommend going through an agency.

An agency will be able to find the right staff who are willing to work for you for a set period of time, rather than those who are looking for a permanent role. They will have a better attitude towards the job and are there to help. There are many labour agencies you can speak to, so feel free to ask us if you would like help choosing the right provider.