So you’ve started up your own small business? Congratulations! Sorry to put a damper on your spirit but one of the first problems you are going to encounteris choosing an office space to move in to. Just like choosing a house to move in to, there are a lot of factors that you are going to need to consider when making a decision. Every company will have different needs and requirements for their office, here’s some of the factors to consider.

·        Room for Growth

Okay, so this may be the last thing on your mind – but it shouldn’t be. Any office space that you are going to move in to should have space for your company to grow. If you have started up your own business then you should have thought about it growing. Make sure that any office has the space in the event of this happening.

Office with a view of the city scape

·        Location In Relation To Employees

If you’ve found the perfect office space but it’s too difficult for your employees to get to, then it’s not the right office for you. Make sure to consult your key staff members in this process – because it’s just as important a decision to them as it is to you.

·        Convenience for Clients

Face-to-face meetings are important. You want the location of your workspace to be easily accessible for any clients. Is the office close to public transport? Is it in a busy area? Saving costs by moving in to a residential area might lose you clients because they aren’t willing to travel.

·         Choosing an Office Space That Represents You

While it may seem that an office space is just a collection of desks and computers, it can represent much more than that. It gives potential clients a glimpse in to your business. It can show how much money you make, how you carry yourself etc.

Modern office with open plan, industrial style and writing on the wall reading "Punch Today in the Face"

·        Look For Hidden Costs

When renting/buying any sort of property, hidden costs are important to consider. Parking, bills, moving costs should all be considered before you make your final decision. Hiring a financial advisor can help with this.

·        Parking

This should be important to you, employees and clients alike. You need to consider if there is enough parking around your office. If there is paid parking, how expensive is it going to be? Can you negotiate more parking with the building owner?

·        How Secure the Lease Is

Make sure that your lease is secure and that you won’t be turfed out of the property as soon as the landlord gets a better offer for the space. You want to be secure in knowing that you are going to be there long term.


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