ACI Contracts are a fit-out contractors Glasgow who design, supply and install office partitions, ceiling panelling, kitchen fit-outs, mezzanine levels, space planning, floor covering and much more. 2018 is your year to transcend all expectations and make serious moves in the business world. There are many different ways that you can make your mark within your industry, from leading the way with innovative technologies, promoting enhances customer solutions or simply by creating a working environment that is cutting edge and promotes serious productivity for your employees. Considering the last example, there are various ways that you can improve upon your workspace on both a small and larger scale. ACI Contracts is arguably the best fit-out and refurbishment company in the whole of Scotland and are well known for the stunning results they achieve as well as the efficiency of the team.

Corridor with glass and office partitions installed by fit-out contractors Glasgow

Why Choose ACI as your Fit-Out Contractors Glasgow?

ACI Contracts have an impeccable reputation for over delivering every time they take on a project. With outstanding customer service, a respectful and cleanly approach to work and expertly trained staff with years of experience in the industry, working with ACI Contracts guarantees your work space will be improved both practically and aesthetically. Not only is the craftsmanship pristine, but the services are affordable as well.  This family-owned and run company has excelled in the industry for over thirty years, working with clients both large and small. Covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen and across Scotland ACI Contracts love taking on a challenge and are more than equipped to find and deliver solutions to your space limitations.


Different Types of Services Available at ACI Contracts:


Office Partitions

Glass Partitions

Industrial Partitioning

Folding Screens

Folding Doors

Commercial Partitioning

Steel Partitioning

Wooden Partitions

Suspended Ceiling Tiles


Kitchen Fit-outs



Office Furniture

Mezzanine Platforms

Folding Screens and Platforms

Space Planning

Floor Covering


Office Space with conference desk and partition walls by fit-out contractors Glasgow

Why You Need ACI Contracts

There are many businesses that would greatly benefit from the services by ACI Contracts, such as a contact centre that is situated within a large office space that is rented as an empty shell. Perhaps private meeting rooms are required or offices for senior management, in these cases the team at ACI Contracts can construct inexpensive walls in the form of office partitions that stylishly segment the large room to provide a bespoke layout catering to the client’s individual needs. Alternatively this fit-out contractors Glasgow offer office furniture and space planning therefore if partitions aren’t required but you need fitted furniture that will define designated areas for specific duties and tasks such as printing, meeting hubs and desks this can be provided. Another common problem that comes with large spaces is poor acoustics. The team at ACI specialise in acoustic insulation, sound absorption, sound proofing and reverberation. On top of acoustics, ACI Contracts can offer a solution to high heating bills by lowering the ceiling. As well as improving acoustics, suspended ceiling tiles boost insulation, help minimise your company’s carbon footprint, and even brighten the space sine they are typically made with reflective white surface material.