The Berkeley Clinic is a private dentist Glasgow offering an impressive range of dental and orthodontic treatments that will transform your smile. It’s amazing how much our physical appearance can affect our mood, our confidence and even the success of our relationships and careers. Although the latter two points are usually a consequence of the former two, it is also true that romantic relationships typically rely on some sort of physical attraction and there are (unfortunately) many employers who judge candidates’ physical appearances as part of the interview process. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and although this is true, there are a few staple physical attributes that are sought after by almost every culture on the planet.  One of those staples is having straight, white teeth.

False teeth lying on the table of woman who is booked in to see private dentist Glasgow

Cosmetic Dentistry

The Berkeley Clinic is one of the most technologically advanced and award winning dental surgeries for cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the UK. Not only does this clinic provide all your standard dental treatments such as bridges, crowns, root canal and oral hygienic cleaning but it also offers elite aesthetic dental treatments including ceramic veneers, teeth whitening and two different types of clear braces. If you are looking a private dentist that can give you a million dollar smile, The Berkeley Clinic is answer you’ve been looking for.

Dental Implants

If you suffer from tooth loss, loose teeth or have been told that you are likely to lose your teeth in the near future then you have probably researched dental implants. The Berkeley Clinic specialise in dental implants and use the latest, innovative technologies to ensure that you have the most efficient and effective experience. This multi-award winning private dentist Glasgow is currently offering an impressive discount on consultations for dental implants which includes a high definition 3D jaw scan that will allow you to see exactly where your dental implants will be placed and two they work.

Private Dentist Glasgow conducting a demonstration of the application of a dental implant with false teeth

Dental Phobia

A further speciality of the Berkeley Clinic is their treatment of nervous patients suffering from dental anxiety. Typically the dentist is an uncomfortable experience for most people, with many dreading their annual check-ups. However, there are some who suffer from severe dental anxiety and try to avoid the dentist all together. Obviously this can pose a serious issue to oral health and for those who have a dental health issue, avoidance of the dentist could lead to much more serious problems such as tooth loss or chronic pain. Dr Mike Gow is a clinical director at the Anxiety Unit at the Berkeley Clinic, which is dedicated to helping nervous patients attend their appointments with the least amount of distress possible. This is another of the many departments that the Berkeley Clinic has won award for. So whether you are an anxious patient who struggles to attend appointments, someone suffering from tooth loss or a person who simply wants quality dental treatment, the Berkeley Clinic is the prime practice to attend.