Every passionate golfer out there understands the sanctity of the golf club. It is the place where you prepare for your games and where to retire for drinks with your competitor and friends once the game is over. Golf clubs are there to offer an exclusive dining experience for members of the club and to offer you the unique privileges that come with being a member. The last thing that any golf club owner or manager wants to hear is that the property has wet rot. Fortunately, we have discovered the ideal company to go to for the top wet rot treatment.

A close up image of damaged wood before wet rot treatment.

What You Need to Know About Wet Rot

Wet rot is a name given to a broad range of fungi that destroy wood. These fungi will damage wood that becomes damp by breaking down the wood cells and feeding on the nutrients. Many factors could contribute to the development of wet rot, such as:

  • Downpipes
  • Stone pointing
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Rising damp
  • Poor external render

Realistically anything that causes water penetration can lead to wet rot. This is a serious issue as wet rot causes structural defects within buildings. Having structural defects of any property is extremely dangerous, but especially for buildings that facilitate a large number of people carrying and storing heavy equipment.

 Sharp and ragged wood that has been blackened with rot before wet rot treatment is applied.

How to Spot Wet Rot

There are different types of rot, both wet and dry, plus there are multiple forms of wet rot. Each type and form affects wood in different ways. It is important that if you suspect wet or dry rot that you contact a professional who is capable of identifying it correctly as well as administering the correct solution. Physical signs to look out for:

  • Cracks in the timber or softened timber
  • Discoloured or weakened timber
  • A damp or musty smell
  • Movement in the floor when you walk over it
  • Fungal growth on the timber

Richardson and Starling

Wet rot is a very serious problem, therefore it is essential that you contact an expert to deal with it. Once we realised that the golf club had wet rot in the basement, we contacted Richardson and Starling immediately. This Scottish company offer a thirty-year guarantee with all of their work and has been in the property repair and management industry for over eighty years. We learned from the team at Richardson and Starling that to eliminate and resolve a problem with wet rot two things must be done:

  1. Identify and eliminate the source of water ingress
  2. Replacement and treatment of timber within the affected area

Once the source of water has been identified the team at this revered Scottish business will eliminate it and put measures in place to prevent it from happening again. All of the damaged timber will be removed and replaced with timber that has been treated against wet rot. On top of that, the team will apply wet rot treatment to the surrounding area.