Advice For Small Businesses | How To Write A Good Business Blog

One of the best ways to communicate your business’ brand and earn trust and respect from your clients and customers, is through writing a regular blog on your website. It can be anything from a weekly update on what your business has been up to, personal events within the business dependent on nature, or even just advice on how others can do what you are doing. For example, an SEO company may write a blog article on how to develop a better SEO strategy, or a Bakery may post a blog article of their recipe of the week, and so on. This short piece will give some of the top tips for writing a quality blog post.


Mobile Scissor Lift Tables | Essential Equipment for Industrial Work Environments

Industrial work environments can be a lot of heavy lifting, mobile scissor lift tables and hard labour. In order to get through the working day, you need to have the correct equipment and follow the rules that are in place in order to keep your lives safe and stress-free. So whether you are operating electric or manual scissor lift tables, give this article a read.


Office with large glass windows and pink swivel chairs designed by fit-out contractors Glasgow

Review of Fit-Out Contractors Glasgow ACI Contracts

ACI Contracts are a fit-out contractors Glasgow who design, supply and install office partitions, ceiling panelling, kitchen fit-outs, mezzanine levels, space planning, floor covering and much more. 2018 is your year to transcend all expectations and make serious moves in the business world. There are many different ways that you can make your mark within your industry, from leading the way with innovative technologies, promoting enhances customer solutions or simply by creating a working environment that is cutting edge and promotes serious productivity for your employees. Considering the last example, there are various ways that you can improve upon your workspace on both a small and larger scale. ACI Contracts is arguably the best fit-out and refurbishment company in the whole of Scotland and are well known for the stunning results they achieve as well as the efficiency of the team.


View of large office with several floors and lots of tall windows

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Space for Your Company

So you’ve started up your own small business? Congratulations! Sorry to put a damper on your spirit but one of the first problems you are going to encounteris choosing an office space to move in to. Just like choosing a house to move in to, there are a lot of factors that you are going to need to consider when making a decision. Every company will have different needs and requirements for their office, here’s some of the factors to consider.


Technology in Schools: The Ways It Has Changed Learning

Technology has changed every single part of our lives and technology in schools has not been exempt from this change. Look back only ten years ago and the thought of a 13-year-old high school student having an all-can-do smartphone was unthinkable. Now people will have the latest iPhones and Samsung’s as they start their first year. But technology hasn’t just shaped the social side of school, it’s also influenced how they learn. Here are some of the ways technology has changed schools:


Woman smiling with perfect white teeth after completing treatment at private dentist Glasgow

Transform Your Smile with Help from Private Dentist Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is a private dentist Glasgow offering an impressive range of dental and orthodontic treatments that will transform your smile. It’s amazing how much our physical appearance can affect our mood, our confidence and even the success of our relationships and careers. Although the latter two points are usually a consequence of the former two, it is also true that romantic relationships typically rely on some sort of physical attraction and there are (unfortunately) many employers who judge candidates’ physical appearances as part of the interview process. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and although this is true, there are a few staple physical attributes that are sought after by almost every culture on the planet.  One of those staples is having straight, white teeth.


Birds eye view of desk with person designing logo on notebook

Top 10 Tips for New Business Brand Development | Guide

Having a strong brand is very powerful in the business world. If you own a business, then your brand can be understood as your company’s status and it’s prominence in the marketplace. Once you achieve high levels of trust from your customers and your reliability and effectiveness as a product or service becomes broadly known then you will hold authority in your industry and see higher ROI. Therefore when you are starting out as a new business, it is important that you spend ample time and attention on your brand development. Follow these top 10 tips for new business brand development.


Hand holding android phone with social media icons displayed on screen

4 Quick Tips to Master Social Media for Business | Guide

If you are a new business or if your business is only just starting to approach social media in terms of marketing then this guide is for you. One of the main problems that businesses come up against when using social media is creating truly effective social media content. This is the key to a successful social media campaign. There are also many typical questions, such as how often should we post on social media as a business? How many platforms should we use? This guide intends to breakdown four tips that can help any business on the right social media track in a short space of time.


Male manager with bow tie and braces and folded arms

Five Things Great Managers Do Every Day | Business Guide

Great people management is a skill that not many people naturally possess. It takes lots of practice and many mistakes to learn how to effectively manage a group of people who typically will differ a great deal from one another. Unfortunately, lack of good management skills can lead to the downfall of a business as it can affect the productiveness and loyalty of the staff. However, with patience and effort you can improve your management skills, especially if you truly want to be better. Follow this guide to learn five things great managers do every day.